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Empowerment through Education

Each of Blue Circle Energy's Community Solar Gardens shall have a meaningful impact on the local community.  Local schools shall be offered a financial interest in their local garden, providing them a share of the 20-year income stream for the development and maintenance of renewable energy and sustainability programming within their education curriculum.

Additionally, Blue Circle Energy, through its partnership with Relay Education, inspires local schools by delivering pilot renewable energy and environmental education programs directly into the classrooms.  We lead dynamic workshops consisting of exciting demonstrations and interactive experiments using our unique wind, solar and biogas models through both in-classroom, train the teacher and virtual channels.


If you are a principal of a school in Barbados and you want to learn more please email us at

The Blue Circle Energy Scholarship


The Blue Circle Energy Scholarship provides financial support for students of Barbadian heritage to pursue a post-secondary education in environmental or renewable energy design or engineering at a Canadian university or college.

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