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We empower land-owners and farmers that don’t have the experience or capital to develop these large-scale solar PV system on their own by undertaking all project siting, permitting, licensing, system design, procurement, construction management, financing and asset management activities.  Land-owners monetize their land ownership through through generation royalties, project profit-sharing and leases.

A Partnership


Our Projects

Blue Circle Energy has over 40 solar PV Community Solar Gardens under development in Barbados, ranging in size from 250kW to 5MW.  These project sites are distributed throughout the island, are located in each of Barbados' 11 parishes, and are sited and scaled to integrate with the community's natural and agricultural heritage.  

Each Community Solar Garden that Blue Circle Energy develops has a dual-use: renewable energy generation and agriculture.  Each site has a sponsor local farmer that either rears their Blackbelly sheep within the Solar Garden, or harvests the fodder in the Solar Garden to feed their sheep offsite.

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