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Investing in
the Energy of

We Power and Empower
the Community.

Blue Circle Energy is a Barbados-based renewable energy developer that empowers communities to benefit from their own renewable energy future.  We develop solar PV and battery energy storage systems while providing for local engagement and ownership.

Building from this, Blue Circle Energy also facilitates capacity building through school-level renewable energy education programming, and university-level scholarships for youth in Barbados. This allows entire communities to learn about, connect with, and invest in their long-term energy sovereignty.



Blue Circle Energy has over 50 renewable energy sites under development in Barbados, ranging in size from 250kW to 5MW.  The project sites are distributed throughout the island, are located in each of Barbados' 11 parishes, and include both solar PV and battery energy storage systems.



Blue Circle Energy has partnered with Sol Ecolution who is the long-term capital and owner-operator of our renewable energy projects.  This platform provides an opportunity for Bajans and Barbados-based investors to invest in the managed, long-term equity cash flows from our renewable energy projects. 



Our commitment to community engagement is reflected beyond our renewable energy projects. Through our partnership with non-profit Relay Education, we deliver renewable energy and environmental education programming directly into classrooms. We're also developing a funding model for local schools to receive royalties from solar and storage projects in their community, thereby supporting long-term sustainability education.

Our Team has a Proven Track Record of Community
Solar PV Project Development and Operation

The principals of Blue Circle Energy has designed, developed and/or built over 250 MW of medium and utility-scale solar and energy storage projects as a team since 2009.  Now based in Barbados, and with a technical group that spans North America, we bring projects from idea to operation. Our in-house design, development, legal and finance resources take projects all the way through the siting, engineering, permitting, licensing, procurement, construction and commissioning lifecycle.

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